This is a “win” 15 years in the making!! My son (18 with ASD/ID) has always refused to eat vegetables other than potatoes. He has always preferred meat pizza, burgers, plain pastas, chicken tenders and chicken/beef soft tacos.

When he started high school, he was finally willing to allow me to introduce romaine lettuce and broccoli (LOTS of reinforcement and CHEESE ). Then he started enjoying onions (red or sweet) after he tried them on salad and pizza. I then got him to eat green beans (as long as he can have ketchup on them! ).

Tonight is the second round of “Wok Wednesday” as we are working on feeding (fueling) ourselves in more healthy ways this year to keep our bodies healthy (this is literally what we talk about). Both times I held my breath, last time he had to have ketchup ( not worth the battle). This time he had some soy sauce and orange sauce. Both times I got a and he ate the whole serving! Last time he had the leftovers the next day for lunch and that is the plan for tomorrow!

Broccoli, green beans, snow peas, zucchini, sweet onion, bell pepper and carrots were all part of the mix in this chicken stir fry…

Time, maturity, persistence, patience, creativity and reinforcement helped us get here! So very proud of him!!