Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Join me for a mental fitness bootcamp designed to boost your performance, improve your wellbeing, and strengthen your relationships. This 6-week program targets anyone in the family 15 years and older! You gain the tools to build powerful habits with PQ®️ Training for a positive mind. The Positive Intelligence Program grows your three core mental fitness muscles within six weeks! Experience immediate and sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance:

✓ Use Mental & Emotional Energy More Effectively
✓ Improve the Ability to Develop Others
✓ Better at Teamwork and Collaboration
✓ Increase Happiness
✓ Manage Stress Better
✓ Improve Self-Confidence
✓ Improve Relationships
✓ Better at Conflict Management
✓ Improve Empathy

The program delivers personalized daily practices; customized bite-sized exercises; weekly focus videos and measurable progress with instant feedback within a breakthrough app. To boost your success you’ll have a community for support, a weekly accountability small group led by me and personalized access to my coaching support via the app or email throughout the six-week program.

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