Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My ultimate goal is to empower you to transform your life from:

➟Frozen to Fearless

➟Stuck to Unstoppable

➟Powerless to Purposeful

➟Frantic to Balanced

➟Exhausted to Inspired

➟Isolated to Connected

➟Lonely to Valued

➟Hopeless to Encouraged

➟Surviving to Thriving

➟Helpless to Empowered

I do that through mentoring you, coaching you, providing you with the tools to activate and support your transformation, supplying you with an effective blueprint for revitalizing your life, connecting you with other moms on a similar journey and holding you accountable to giving your best efforts to the person who needs it the most…YOU!


As a mom of a child with disabilities or other special needs you want to do more and be more than just a burned-out caregiver.

You want to truly know what it’s like to live a life of balance, peace and hope where you are not dreading what each day brings or are just too exhausted to care.

You want to connect with others in meaningful ways and eliminate the world of isolation you have been living in.

You want to be empowered to live your life and fulfill your responsibilities with clarity, confidence and purpose.

But, you don’t know where to start. There are so many choices, voices and options out there. There are so many opinions, hypotheses and stories, but no real blueprint for effectively navigating the world of disabilities or other special needs without losing yourself in the process.

You wonder how to choose what’s best and if you are really making the best choice or negatively impacting your life, the life of your child and your family life. You are tired of living with worry, guilt, hopelessness and resignation.

When you started this journey with your child you were anxious and uncertain – but you were also determined to be and do whatever was needed to give your child the help they needed to face the world and all of its challenges. Now you are just discouraged and defeated. You wonder if you will ever feel true hope and happiness again.

You may be living a life where you have come to the conclusion that you are stuck and powerless – or you may even believe you are past the point of no return.


What you do to change that is to look at the difference between moms of children with disabilities or other special needs who are living their lives with courage, intention, connection and hope and those that are not.

The moms who are thriving have committed to transforming their lives by implementing principles, parameters and processes to guide their thoughts, decisions and actions – which in turn propel them towards their ultimate vision and mission in life.

That means you don’t have to live in the past with regret, in the present with doubt or in the future with fear.

All you have to do is consult your life blueprint to verify what principles you have committed to live by, what parameters you’ve determined to implement and what processes you need to execute in order to positively and purposefully regulate your thoughts, decisions and actions.

Consistently following through with your principles, parameters and processes day after day, week after week until they become second nature will result in positive progress towards your ultimate vision and mission for your life.

When you are living out your vision and mission you are optimistic about the future. You look for solutions rather than excuses.

You bring structure and order to your family to anchor them. You adopt a growth mindset to navigate transitions and challenges.

You place a high value on your own well-being so that you are able to fulfill your mission to those you love.

You learn how to best connect and partner with others to give and receive empathy, support and encouragement – which fuels your resilience and hope.

Finally, you are able to embrace your future as a journey of possibilities rather than a destination of defeats.

2. What can I expect from the call?
We’ll have a candid conversation where we uncover what is going on in your life that is not working, has you stuck or is keeping you from living the life and getting the results you deeply desire. Once we both are clear on what’s at the core of your challenges, we’ll discuss your goals. If we conclude that working with me is your best next step towards achieving your goals and solving the core issues that are holding you hostage, we’ll also talk about that. If it ends up that working together is not a good match for either of us, I’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.
3. Who is Carisa Cole Sharrett?

Carisa’s journey with disabilities and other special needs began with her own son, now a young adult, who was diagnosed at 3½ with “Classic Autism” (now described as “Level 3 Autism”) at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in Nashville, TN. That moment changed the trajectory of her life and thrust her into a world she had no real knowledge of or experience in. Within months of his diagnosis she was fully immersed in coordinating and managing his 50 hours per week of in-home and center-based intervention services including behavioral, speech and occupational therapies. When he entered the public school system, she worked diligently to ensure he continued to receive the services that would best help him learn and grow. Working alongside a parent advocate in the early years helped her understand how important partnering with professionals on your child’s behalf is and how critical it is to take responsibility as your child’s team lead. As his team lead, she rallied her partners to advocate for essential speech therapy services in the district he attended (one of the largest in the nation) all the way through state mediation where she won her case on her son’s behalf.

Carisa started her career working with families of children with disabilities or other special needs as a public school special education teacher. Her passion to give students and their families the tools to improve the quality and outcomes in their lives propelled her to become one of the most respected, trusted and sought-after teachers in the West Phoenix area. She partnered with community organizations, law enforcement, school leaders, other teachers and families to provide cutting-edge and acclaimed programs and opportunities for her own students, for students in the general education population to interact with special education students and for students with disabilities or other special needs in neighboring schools. She then was recruited to join a rapidly-expanding charter high school district where she was a District Special Education Case Manager implementing programs, providing training, maintaining federal and state compliance standards and building connections with families on nine different campuses to support them in empowering their students to greater learning, accomplishment and future possibilities.

Realizing in 2021 that so many moms of children with disabilities or other special needs were becoming burned-out, ineffective and unfilled while carrying the primary burden of caregiving for their child, she committed to focusing her passion, skills, experiences and efforts towards empowering these moms to reclaim, realign and revitalize their lives. Early in 2022 she founded Bravely Intentional Life LLC to bring help, healing and hope to these moms with groundbreaking tools like the Empowered Mom Blueprint program.

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Carisa’s Teaching Days:

LESD hosts safety event for learning disabled children | Community |


Some People I’ve Worked With

Nancy Robledo

Elementary School Teacher

“In my seven years of working in the teaching “industry,” I’ve yet to meet anyone with the same amount of commitment to serving an individual as Carisa. Working alongside her I learned patience, compassion, courage and how to set higher expectations for myself and others. She gave me the courage to finish school and become a teacher myself. Everything she’s ever taught me has helped me grow my students in unimaginable ways. She’s been a spark of light in my life that I never expected.”

Shani Johanneck

Special Education Teacher

“The wonderful relationship Carisa has with her son with Autism and their daily interactions help to educate others around them. The amount of compassion and understanding she has for people with special abilities is colossal. Her patience and experience helped guide me into the teacher I am today. No question or concern I had was too small, because at the end of the day our main goal was always to help our amazing students grow into kind, self-assured, and independent young adults. And they did!”

Heather Knickerbocker

Behavior Therapist

“As a Behavior Therapist I have been in hundreds of homes. Carisa is one of the most dedicated mothers I ever had the pleasure of working with. She fought hard for her son and didn’t take “no” for an answer if she knew it would benefit him. If I was ever a mom to a child with a disability, I would want to take notes from Carisa. She has so much knowledge and first-hand experience. I trust her knowledge and her passion for helping others.”

Stephanie A.

“Carisa is a rare kind of person who has the drive to succeed, but does not let her determination keep her from working with others in a compassionate and approachable way. Her communication skills are among the best that I have worked with. She is clear, concise, and direct while maintaining a collaborative spirit and easygoing nature. As a parent of a child with special needs, Carisa has first-hand knowledge and experience to provide meaningful help to parents. She will be supportive, kind and passionate.”

Magnolia R.

“I love Carisa’s energy and motivation. She gives her all in everything she does. She’s the type that goes all out for you! She’s like that saying “go big or go home.” She puts all her effort into a project and doesn’t give any less of herself. If she doesn’t understand something she goes out to educate herself on the topic. She is passionate about every task she takes on! She has always encouraged and been a cheerleader for me!”

Megan S.

“Carisa’s passion for authentic connection and desire to help and encourage others was evident the first time I met her! I was immediately impressed with her knowledge base of working with special needs students in her education career, but also how she practically applied that knowledge and strategy while raising her son. I’ve also observed as she has come alongside other families dealing with extremely difficult situations and diagnoses, and has guided them with grace to find hope again.”

Nicole B.

“As a mother and teacher Carisa knows the struggles parents face raising a special needs child. I have a child on the spectrum and was overwhelmed at times without a lot of support. Carisa stepped in to guide me and help me see what was important for my daughter. She offered guidance with personal experience, support, and resources. Carisa taught me many valuable lessons I keep to this day. She taught me to find self-love, ask for help, and take time for myself.”

Kay T.

“Creative, insightful, dedicated, determined, and passionate are all words I would use to describe Carisa‘s work with children and their parents in the public school setting. Her proactive communication and partnership with parents were instrumental in each child’s growth and success. She brings her experience and perspective as a parent of a student with special needs along with an extensive background and knowledge as an educator. This results in the perfect balance to promote children’s growth and development and support their parents along the journey.”