I mentioned previously that the last month or so was challenging.

One of the things that has contributed is that I have been losing my hair. I have less than half the hair I had 6 weeks ago. The doctor can’t pinpoint a cause, which is good in that it is nothing obvious (like thyroid problems, allergies, illness, infections). The bad news is that I have no clue if it is going to stop falling out or grow back.

I’ve never had “great” hair. It’s always been fine and I’ve never been able to grow it past the base of my neck. But, well, this is getting extreme — even for me.

I’ve been growing my hair back out since I had Covid in 2021. I lost a good amount of hair then (though not this much!) and it had finally grown back to all one length… and then this.

After the shock, denial, anger and sadness of it all, I decided it would just be best to “embrace the suck” of it. That can look different for different people.

For me it looks like trying out wigs and other head coverings. So, I went and got fitted for a wig, bought some head scarfs and head coverings, and, of course, I have my trusty Yankees caps!

I’m focusing on the opportunity to try new things and new hairstyles. I’m focusing in the fun I can have with it. That’s why I might look different in some of my photos going forward.

Hair loss is big deal for anyone, but for women it is extra hard. Our world tends to expect women to have long, luxurious hair. When we don’t, we seemingly have to “make up” for it in other ways — like with our personality or how we dress.

That’s why I’m choosing to be vulnerable about my journey through hair loss. We need to normalize helping people feel valued and beautiful (or handsome!) with hair, without hair, with wigs, with scarves, with long hair, with short hair…

Pro Tip: if you have a friend or family member who is losing or has lost a lot of hair, the best thing to say when they choose how to handle it is:

“I am so proud of you. I know this is hard and not what you wanted, but YOU are not your hair. So do what makes you feel best!”

And with that, here’s to my new adventure. If you’ve gone through something similar and have any tips for me or just want to share your story with me, please post below or send me a private message. We’re in this together!